Nevada City/Grass Valley, CA

Local Personalized Training

We start everyone with an initial one-on-one assessment where we go over your training history, injury history, movement quality, performance tests, and discuss your specific physiological needs and goals.

We operate using a private training format: coaching you on your own individualized program.

What To Expect

​This format provides several advantages:

​You’re going to be taught how to perform each exercise to the best of your ability.  This also allows us to change up the exercise to one that might better meet your needs and goals if this exercise is not correct for you. Not every exercise or stretch works for every individual.  Forcing your body to perform a movement pattern that is too uncomfortable or that increases your risk of injury does not help you reach your goals.

​Our experience in challenging people to perform a little bit more than previously (one of the keys to body adaptation and change) enables us to consistently get results without plateaus.

​You’ll soon have a better appreciation for how your body can move and perform.

​Coaching is the key word here, because we really work to help you master the form of every exercise and  always giving feedback when necessary. We are not just going to stand there and count reps. We are going to coach you.

​To get the ball rolling all you need to do is click the fancy red button below to start your initial assessment. We will then send you an email to confirm and to set up a date/time.

​And then it’s time to get to work. There’s no “initial pitch” or requirement to commit to any long-term package. You show up, go through an assessment, then we come up with a game plan that best fits your needs, goals, and schedule.

Strength and Conditioning

​Our expertise in exercise allows us to deliver Strength and Conditioning programs like no other. We take the time to get to know you, before prescribing a program that will give you the sport-specific fitness to dominate the competition. Our high level of knowledge in Exercise Physiology means that our programs are not only designed to improve performance, but to prevent and manage injuries.

Our Strength and Conditioning is uniquely designed for your needs, incorporating everything from range of movement, activation and patterning, loading phases, plyometric, and sport-specific biomechanics. As well as working to prevent injuries, our programming can be tailored to help you bridge the gap between the acute phases of rehab and being ready to perform.